FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the procedure for applying to move into the dormitory?
To apply for a dormitory room, simply visit the registration office and complete the necessary paperwork.
2. Which documents do I need to submit during the application process?
Please provide a copy of your student ID and identity card. For international students, passports and visas are also required.
3. Can I request to share a room with a friend who is also applying?
If you express your preference to share a room with a specific friend during the application process, we will make every effort to accommodate both of you in the same room.
4. Is it possible to make a reservation in advance?
Certainly, you have the option to make an advance reservation. Kindly get in touch with us beforehand via phone or email.
5. How about the laundry service?
Our laundry service is available for your convenience, and the best part is, it’s completely free of charge.
6. Is it possible for male and female students to share a room?
No, the dormitory rooms are strictly segregated for male and female students.
7. Will there be a cleaning service provided?
We are pleased to offer a complimentary cleaning service for the common areas. However, please note that there is a charge for cleaning individual rooms.
8. Am I allowed to have pets in the rooms?
Regrettably, pets are not permitted in the rooms.
9. Can I invite guests to the dormitory?
Unfortunately, we have a policy that does not allow guests in the dormitory.
10. Can I smoke in my room?
Smoking is strictly prohibited in both rooms and balconies. However, there are designated smoking areas within the dormitory premises where smoking is allowed.
11. Is the security of the dormitory ensured?
The dormitory ensures the security of its residents through a triple security card system. This includes electronic access cards at the main entrance, floor entrances, and main floor doors. Additionally, the dormitory maintains 24/7 security to ensure overall safety
12. Do I need to find my own roommates?
No, there is no need for you to find your own roommates. We will assign you a roommate based on the space you have rented
13. Does the rent include utility costs?
Absolutely, all utility costs such as electricity, household utilities, hot and cold water, high-speed internet, etc. are already included in the rent price.
14. How can I pay my rent?
There are two payment options available for rent. You can either pay in cash or use an Azerbaijan bank card for payment
15. How do I access the rooms?
To access your room, you will be provided with keys and access card that grant you entry.
16. What common facilities does the dormitory have?
The dormitory offers common facilities such as a study room and a cafeteria for the convenience of its residents
17. Is there a bus stop near the dormitory?
Yes, there are bus stops located near the dormitory in Badamdar. The bus stops provide transportation to various universities
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